Important American and European Paintings — June 12, 2012 Auction Results

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Lot 38

38: Jean Francois Raffaelli (French, 1850-1924)
38: Jean Francois Raffaelli (French, 1850-1924)

Jean Francois Raffaelli (French, 1850-1924)

Jean Francois Raffaelli (French, 1850-1924)

Shoreline with a Fisherman in Foreground

Signed lower left “”JF. Raffaelli””
Oil on board
25 x 30 inches

Other Notes: Jean Francois Raffaelli was born in Paris on April 20, 1850. He was accepted at the Paris Salon of 1870 despite his lack of formal training. He was known for picturesque views of quaint Paris neighborhoods and focused on scenes of middle-class life. He was associated with the Realists as well as the Impressionists, yet his work does not fall into either category. While in his earlier work his characterized by somber palette, which was contradiction to the impressionists, their influence is felt in his later work with a lighter palette.

Shoreline with Two Fishermen
is a classic subject for Raffaelli, with the expanding Middle Class and the growth of the Suburbs around Paris, the artist had innumerable subjects from which to paint. This work is representative of Raffaelli’s mature style. Lighter in color, but a broad brush, and small but strong energetic figures.

Estimate: $25,000-50,000

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