Prices are inclusive of Buyer’s Premium and may be subject to change.  Prices are shown in US Dollars.

Lot Description Price
1 Eight Assorted Stiegel-Type Flip Glasses 671
2 An Assorted Collection of Glass19th Century 61
3 Four Keene Sunburst Bottles 1,250
4 Two Olive Green Blown Pitkin Pint Flasks 1,342
5 Glass Bank with Rooster Finial Encasing Two Half Dimes 18,000
6 Five Aqua Glass Flasks, American 19th century 305
7 Golden Amber Glass Flask depicting Washington and Taylor and an Olive Green Blown Flask Depicting Cornucopia 3,416
8 Deep Blue-Green Washington Taylor Quart and a Dark Amber Pint Flask with Sheath of Wheat on one side 1,098
9 Two Olive Green Blown Pitkin Flasks with Vertical and Diagonal Ribbing Unsold
10 Four Glass Vessels 1,188
11 Pittsburgh Celery Vase 427
12 A Group of Six Pressed Glass Covered Figural Vessels, Two Blown Satin Glass Vases and An Amethyst Cut Overlay Glass Whale Oil Lamp 427
13 Powder Horn Depicting Man on Horseback, Winged Mermaid, Tree and a Bird Unsold
14 Calligraphy Ink Sketch of American Eagle and A Friendship Book 549
14A Math Book with Calligraphic Designs Unsold
15 Mary Storrs May Flame Stitch Pocket Book Unsold
16 Hannah Church Needlework Sampler 1,464
17 Sleepy Eye Large Salt-Glazed Molded Stoneware Urn with Cobalt-Blue Decoration 244
18 A Large Wheel-Thrown Redware Jar with Applied Eagle Decoration on Front and Back 610
19 Two Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Vessels 688
20 Brown and Yellow Molded and Incised Glazed Redware Fish Flask Unsold
21 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Two-Gallon Stoneware Jug with Depiction of A Woman with Decanter and Glass 7,930
22 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock Unsold
23 A Cobalt-Blue Decorated Patriotic Stoneware Tavern Cooler with Applied Reliefs of George Washington 1,220
24 Painted Chalkware Love Birds and Two Glazed Pottery Flasks 915
25 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Pitcher with Incised Birds and Beast 375
26 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock with Stenciled American Eagle 244
27 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Three-Gallon Stoneware Jug with a Full Length Depiction of a Gentleman with Walking Stick 9,150
28 A Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Two-Gallon Stoneware Jug with Lamb 5,795
29 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Four-Gallon Stoneware Butterchurn 4,880
30 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Ovoid Stoneware Jug with incised Ship 4,270
31 Two Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Birdfeeders 1,586
32 A Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Two-Gallon Stoneware Jug with Leaf Decoration and A Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Six-Gallon… 1,830
33 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock with Depiction of a Lady in Profile 7,320
34 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Two-Gallon Stoneware Crock Depicting Man with Pipe and Shovel 4,880
35 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Five-Gallon Stoneware Crock with Running Bird 610
36 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Three-Gallon Stoneware Jug with Pair of Roosters Flanking Flower Stem and Dated 1862 7,930
37 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Five-Gallon Stoneware Crock with Chicken Picking 2,440
38 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Two-Gallon Stoneware Jar with Depiction of a Monkey Smoking a Pipe 3,660
39 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Jug with Rooster on Checkerboard Decoration 5,185
40 Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Decorated Stoneware Two-Gallon Jug with Standing Horse 2,196
41 A Salt-Glazed Cobalt-Blue Three-Gallon Stoneware Crock with Depiction of Man with Cap in Profile Smoking a Cigar 3,172
42 Painted Cast-Iron and Zinc Watchmakers Trade Sign 1,952
43 Carved and Painted Hanging Wooden Glove Makers Trade Sign 1,464
44 Cincinnati Stoveworks Cast-Iron Advertising Sign Depicting Lady on Galloping Horse 4,880
45 Star Windmill Weight and an Eclipse Windmill Weight 976
46 Squirrel Windmill Weight 3,660
47 Cast Iron Windmill Weight Depicting Bull 732
48 Cast Iron Windmill Weight Depicting Buffalo 3,904
49 Two Painted Cast Iron Windmill Weights Depicting Roosters 2,500
50 Painted Cast Iron Windmill Weight Depicting Two Chickens 1,342
51 Two Painted Cast Iron Windmill Weights Depicting Roosters 5,490
52 Cast Iron Windmill Weight Depicting Bull 1,098
53 Painted Cast Iron Windmill Weight Depicting Horse 366
54 Pair of Glazed Pottery Lions 23,180
55 Sgrafitto Redware Pie Plate With Incised Eagle and Shield 1,830
56 Glazed and Molded Redware Eagle Decorated Covered TureenAttributed to John Bell 732
57 Glazed Redware Whimsical Figure of a Monkey with Barrel 3,660
58 Salt-Glazed Stoneware Sculpture Depicting a Man with a Mustache Unsold
59 Glazed and Incised Redware Figure of a Seated Cat 4,148
60 Sgraffito Redware Puzzle Jug with Inscription and Date 488
61 Native American Oblong Burlwood Bowl with Lug Handles 3,416
62 Chippendale Carved Walnut Brass Dial Tall-Case Clock 61,000
63 Grain Painted School Masters Desk 1,708
64 Set of Six Painted and Gilt-Stenciled Cane Seat Side Chairs 2,684
65 Pair of Grain Painted Plank Bottom Chairs and A Yellow Painted Wash Stand with One Drawer 1,708
66 Late Federal Grain Painted Two Drawer Work Table 2,500
67 Grain Painted and Floral Decorated Washstand Unsold
68 Cow Weathervane 4,148
69 Large Gilt Copper Cod Fish Weathervane 7,320
71 Running Horse Copper Weathervane 2,806
72 Copper and Zinc Cow Weathervane 5,150
73 Gilt Copper Fish Weathervane Unsold
74 Gilt, Copper and Zinc Spread Eagle Weathervane Unsold
75 Gilt Copper Eagle Weathervane 6,875
76 Red Painted Metal Running Horse with Jagged Tail Weathervane 3,050
77 Painted Sheet Metal Butterfly Weathervane with Moveable WingsAttributed to F. D. Dayton Unsold
78 White Painted Swan Decoy 625
79 Brass Eagle Flagpole Finial 488
80 Sheet Copper Paul Revere Weathervane and A Painted Iron Flag and Star Weathervane 3,172
81 Zinc and Copper Gilded Ram Weather Vane, 20th century 10,980
82 American School, Allegory of America 2,684
83 American School, Soldier (War of 1812) Unsold
84 Portrait of Thomas Jefferson, pen and ink on paper 854
85 Arms of Pennsylvania Needlework 3,904
86 American School, Blue Eyed Main In a Yellow Chair 2,196
87 Chinese Export Carved Oval Eagle Plaque 19,520
88 American School, Girl with Bird, Cat, and Chair 4,392
89 Four Portraits of Native American Chiefs 4,688
90 American School, Portrait of Six Children 14,640
91 Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900), Portrait of a Boy with Pocket Watch in a Blue Outfit Unsold
92 William Mathew Prior (1806-1873), Portrait of Otis Swett 10,370
93 Pair of Carved and Painted Whirligigs of Man and Woman each with a Conical Hat Unsold
94 Frederic Roux (French, 1805-1874), Ship Lochinvar, Capt. Isaiah Wescott 7,320
95 Pair of Whaling Paintings 2,684
96 John Haley Bellamy (1836-1914), Carved and Painted Eagle 15,860
97 Carved and Painted Wood Eagle with Shield and Cannon 12,200
98 American, late 19th century, Painted Carved Hanging Eagle Head 976
99 Nantucket Basket Unsold
100 Painted and Carved Diorama Depicting the American Vessel Maria Leaving Hamburgh, Germany 1,220
101 Glass Enclosed Model of a Ship 313
102 Pair of Painted and Decorated Plant Stands with Whimsical Bird Carving 305
103 Carved and Painted Depiction of Two Vessels 976
104 Scrimshaw Panbone Plaque Depicting Three Sailing Vessels 3,904
105 Scrimshaw Walking Stick 488
106 Carved Coconut with Ship, Snake, Whale 366
107 Nantucket Friendship Basket with Whale Decoration 6,710
108 Georges James Stebbing, Sr. (English, 1775-1847) 6,100
109 Mahogany Sailors Box with Two Sail Makers Straps 488
110 Half Bushel Nantucket Lightship Basket 3,660
111 Nantucket Friendship Basket with Applied Ivory Whale Decoration 3,904
112 Inlaid Valuables Box, 19th century 3,416
113 Open Shallow Nantucket Lightship Basket with Swing Handle Unsold
114 Shallow Round Nantucket Lightship Basket with Carved Heart Shaped Handles 3,904
115 Chippendale Mahogany, Whalebone, Wire and Copper Bird Cage 2,440
116 Open Shallow Nantucket Lightship Basket with Heart Shaped Handles Unsold
117 Conch Shell-Inlaid Hepplewhite Mahogany Tea Caddy 305
118 Two Duck Decoys 427
119 Cast Zinc Whippet Garden Figure 2,928
120 Zinc Building Finial in the Form of a Wyvern 1,342
121 Painted Riveted Sheet Iron and Iron Weathervane in the Form of an Indian with Bow and Arrow 0
122 Copper Eagle Weathervane 6,832
123 Copper and Zinc Galloping Horse and Jockey Weathervane 32,940
124 Pair of Cast Iron Newfoundland Dog Garden Figures Unsold
126 Abraham Lincoln Walnut Carved Figure Unsold
127 Carved and Painted Cigar Counter Display Figure Unsold
129 Chinese Export Painting of American Clipper Ship with American Flag 3,172
130 Reginald Eugene Nickerson (American, 1915-1999) 3,660
132 The Post Family Carved and Painted Tulip Poplar Spoon Rack 42,000
133 Applique Pieced and Embroidered Cotton Quilt Top with Houses and Figures 3,660
134 Painted Pine Overmantle Depicting Ships and Sloops in Harbor with Buildings, Figures, and Flags Unsold
135 American School, Pair of Portraits of the Evertsons 9,760
136 Attributed to Gerardus Duyckinck I (1695-1746), formerly known as the De Peyster Limner Unsold
137 Diminutive Oval Bent-Wood Red Painted Shaker Box Unsold
138 Green and Red Painted and Carved Lidded Box with Applied Hearts 488
139 Tramp Art Tall Case-Clock Unsold
140 Paint Decorated Tulip Poplar Box with Sliding Lid 32,940
141 American School, Portrait of a Girl in a Blue Dress 366
142 School Girl Box with Painted Flowers, Shells and Music 976
143 Carved Red Pine Valuables Box, carved ANO 1741 51,240
144 American School, Primitive Portrait of a Boy with Whip 610
145 Painted White Pine Fireboard with Tiles and Vase of Flowers 41,480
146 Linton Park (American, 1826-1906), Two Fashion Portraits Unsold
147 Painted and Decorated Game Board 854
148 American School, 19th century, Fifteen Dollars for a Farm 1,708
149 Patriotic Tramp Art Plaque with Eagle and Basket of Flower Motifs 2,196
150 Pair of Cast-Iron Cowboy Andirons 6,710
151 Painted Decorated Lift-Top Blanket Chest Unsold
152 Eagle and Landscape Decorated Pine Lift-Top Small Wooden Box 2,318
153 Queen Anne Red Painted Pine and Maple Rectangular Top Tea Table 1,342
154 Rush-Seat William and Mary Armchair Unsold
155 Chippendale Painted Pine Hanging Shelf 1,708
156 Attributed to Robert Crosman (1707-1799), Diminutive Paint-Decorated Pine Blanket Chest 14,640
157 William and Mary Burlwood Veneered Chest of Drawers 3,172
158 Black Painted Windsor Sack-Back Armchair with Unusual Scroll Handles 3,660
159 Small Carved One Drawer Chest 2,928
160 An Assembled Group of Four William and Mary Leather Covered Maple Side Chairs 9,760
161 William and Mary Veneered High Chest of Drawers 317,200
162 An Assembled Group of Five William and Mary Maple Rush Bottom Side Chairs 3,904
163 William and Mary Maple and Pine Chest of Drawers on Stand 9,760
164 William and Mary Walnut Gateleg Table 610
165 Miniature William and Mary Gateleg Table 5,856
166 Queen Anne Red Stained Maple Drop-Leaf Dining Table Unsold
167 A pair of Chippendale Brass and Iron Andirons with Engraved Swags and Urns Unsold
168 The William Turner Queen Anne Mahogany Slipper-Foot Tea Table 170,800
169 Chippendale Mahogany Secretary-Bookcase 15,860
170 Set of Four Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs 1,875
171 Chippendale Mahogany Roundabout Chair 1,464
172 Chippendale Walnut Open Armchair 1,464
173 Chippendale Mahogany Open Arm Chair 8,540
174 Chippendale Six-Leg Mahogany Dining Table Associated with John Hancock 7,930
175 Queen Anne Turret-Top Diminutive Gaming Table 14,640
176 Queen Anne Mahogany Circular Tilt-Top Stand 2,684
177 Queen Anne Mahogany High Chest of Drawers 34,160
178 Chippendale Mahogany Dressing Table Unsold
179 Walnut Rush Seat Slipper Chair 610
180 Chippendale Cherry-Wood Reverse-Serpentine Chest of Drawers 7,320
181 Chippendale Cherrywood Bonnet-Top Secretary with Carved Fylfots and Stop-Fluted Pilasters Unsold
182 Pair of Federal Mahogany Swag and Tassel Back Side Chairs with Tapered Legs and Square Feet 5,124
183 A Monumental Federal Mahogany Four Pedestal Dining Table Unsold
184 Federal Carved Mahogany Armchair 3,050
185 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-Top Spiderleg Candlestand 1,220
186 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Card Table 1,464
187 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Looking Glass with Urn and Flower Finial 4,636
189 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Card Table 4,880
190 Federal Serpentine Mahogany Inlaid Chest of Drawers 61,000
191 Miniature Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Miniature Chest of Drawers 1,342
192 Federal Mahogany Childs Chest of Drawers 5,124
193 Classical Birds Eye Maple and Cherrywood Childs Dresser 1,952
194 Black Painted Sack-Back Windsor Armchair 610
195 Federal Inlaid Upholstered Mahogany Armchair 6,710
196 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tall Case Clock Unsold
197 Whimsical Walnut Armchair 2,440
198 Book of Stamps, The International Postage Stamp Album 500
199 Free and Easy Society Book of Poems in Watercolor and Ink Unsold
200 Attributed to William Verstille (American, 1757-1803), Portrait Miniature on Ivory of a Man in Blue Jacket 1,220
201 American School, Mourning Brooch of Col. John Augustine Washington and Wife 1,250
202 Attributed to William Verstille (American, 1757-1803), Portrait Miniature on Ivory of a Man in Green Coat 2,750
203 A Group of Portrait Miniatures, 18th/19th centuries 3,050
204 Pair of Silver Pepper Boxes Unsold
205 Federal Silver Teapot 750
206 Polychrome Painted Wooden Bust of Milton Unsold
207 A Silver Cup with Wooden Handle and a Strainer with Wooden Handle 1,098
208 American Silver Plated Tea Set with Repousse Architectural Decoration 250
209 Pair of Silver Plated Wine Coolers 375
210 Silver Basin from the Powel and Francis Families 610
211 Samuel Hamlin Engraving of Abby Brown Francis and a Pewter Bowl by Samuel Hamlin 3,416
212 Chinese Export Lacquer Game Box with Mother of Pearl Playing Chips 1,220
213 Two Stuffed -Seat Black Painted Windsor Arm Chairs 1,250
214 Pair of Celestial and Terrestrial table Globes on stands 15,860
215 Captain James Cook (British, 1728-1779) 1,708
216 Printed Polychrome Map of The United States 2,440
217 Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741-1827)Portrait of Thomas Willing Frances, 1794 25,000
218 Architectural Drawing of the Ship Washington Designed by Benjamin Hutton, 1815 5,000
219 William Gordon, History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States of America 305
220 A Volume printed in Boston, 1795, A catalogue of Shakespeare Gallery Pictures, 1791 and a Three Volume set, 1778, The Grand Tour. 366
221 Winslow Homer (American, 1836-1910), Five Boys at the Shore, Gloucester, 1880 414,800
222 American School, 19th century, Harbor Scene 732
223 After Jean-Antoine Houdon (French, 1741–1828), Bronze Bust Depicting Le Marquis de Lafayette 4,880
224 Two Nathaniel Currier Mexican War Lithographs, 1846-1847 244
225 J. Lienard (French, 1779-1848) PORTRAIT OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, oil on canvas 2,074
226 Giovanni Battista Nini (Italian, 1717-1786), Portrait Medallion of Benjamin Franklin 1,952
227 Jacob Eichholtz (American, 1776-1842), Portrait of a Young Man 13,420
228 Attributed to Victor de Grailly (French, 1804-1889), Washingtons Headquarters, Newburgh, New York Unsold
229 American School, Boy with Nest of Chicks 610
230 William Rickerby Miller (American, 1818-1893), Landscape with Windmill and Figures Unsold
231 Severin Roesen (German/American, 1816-1872), Flower Still Life with Fruit 13,420
232 Severin Roesen (German/American, 1816-1872), Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 7,320
233 LAUTERBRUNNENIn the Manner of Albert Bierstadt (German/ American, 1830-1902) depiction of the Jungfrau (the Swiss Alps th… 244
234 John Singer Sargent (American, 1856-1925), On Lake Como – Gentlemen Reclining and Reading Near the Water 4,148
235 William Ludwell Sheppard (American, 1833-1912), Boys Catching Rabbits 976
236 Framed Oval Photograph of Charles Dickens with Autograph, Place and Date 17,000
237 Portrait of the First President of Columbia University 427
238 Ben Austrian (American, 1870-1921), Baby Chick with Egg Shell 2,684
239 Carl Christian Brenner (American, 1838-1888), Forest Landscape 3,660
240 Colin Campbell Cooper (American, 1856-1937), Upper Main Street Nantucket Unsold
241 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009) The Second Baptist Ridge Church, Martinsville (actually Glenmere), Maine 9,760
242 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Pen and Ink Sketch of Horse Pulling Farm Equiptment, facing forward. 13,420
243 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Horse Pulling Farm Equiptment, vague imprint of Betsy sketch on verso 10,370
244 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Pencil study of Betsy James 7,320
245 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Single Horse Pulling Farm Equiptment, Horses Pulling Hay Cart on verso 9,760
246 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Two sketches, originally one- Baptist Ridge Church and Hunters in Boats 2,074
247 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Sketch- Construction After the Burning of the Second Baptist Ridge Church 2,440
248 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Pencil sketches of Levi Hupper, Man North Coast on verso 4,880
249 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), Cooting off the Old Man, possibly preliminary sketch for The Coot Hunter on verso 20,740
250 Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009), Sketch of the Olson House and Farm, Cushing, Maine, Hunter in a Dory on verso 41,480
251 Ink Sketch of Farmhouse in Maine 244
252 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009), The Sketchbook 14,640
253 Charles Harold Davis (American, 1856-1933), Winter Landscape 5,490
254 Aaron Draper Shattuck (American, 1832-1928), River Valley Landscape Unsold
255 Attributed to Aaron Draper Shattuck (American, 1832-1928), Study of Shore Foliage, circa 1864 244
256 William Trost Richards (American, 1833-1905) , The Four Seasons 79,300
257 American School, Landscape with Waterfall 12,200
258 Abbott Fuller Graves (American, 1859-1936), Summer Flowers, circa 1927 61,000
259 American School, 19th century, Girl With Broken Doll 1,464
260 William Rickerby Miller (American, 1818-1893), Landscape with Boats, 1878 Unsold
261 Abbott Fuller Graves (American, 1859-1936), House and Garden 26,840
262 Johann Berthelsen (American, 1883-1972), Grace Church, New York 5,002
263 Johann Berthelsen (American, 1883-1972), Saint Pauls Chapel, New York 4,575
264 Johann Berthelsen (American, 1883-1972), New York Summer Scene 1,830
265 Johann Berthelsen (American, 1883-1972), 5th Avenue Looking South 5,795
266 Milton Menasco (American, 1890-1974), Hialeah Park, FloridaHialeah, Florida 39,650
267 Milton Menasco (American, 1890-1974), Moccasin at SaratogaMoccasin at Saratoga 4,575
268 Milton Menasco, (American, 1890-1974), Courageous Dancers Image Winning the 1968 Kentucky Derby 3,125
269 Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975), Minstrals 7,500
271 John Vanderlyn, Jr. (American, 1805-1876), Still Life with Apples Unsold
272 Régis François Gignoux (French, 1816-1882), The Artist at Work in the Mountainscape 11,250
274 Paul Emile Pissaro (French, 1884-1972), Bond de Riviere Unsold
275 Benjamin Champney (1817-1907), After the Harvest framed. 4,063
276 Dutch School, 17th Century, Nymph Asleep in Landscape 6,875
277 American School, 19th century, Racoon Festival 1,830
279 Ten (10) 17th Century Italian Drawings of Dwarves 2,440
280 Early 17th Century Italian, Study of Two Mens Heads 625
281 Dutch, 17th Century Unsold
282 Bernardus Johannes Blommers (Dutch, 1845-1914), Mother with Daughter Holding Doll on Washing Day Unsold
283 European School, Landscape with Figure 854
284 Two Oil on Panel Paintings: Old Woman Reading Book and a Young girl with Parrot 500
285 Giuseppe Mazzolini (Italian, 1806-1876), The Peaceful Slumber 6,250
286 Dutch, 17th Century Unsold
287 Pre-Columbian Pottery Effigy Vessel Depicting Man 427
288 Myan Polychrome Decorated Pottery Vessel Unsold
289 Minoan Bronze Bowl With Linear A Inscription Unsold
290 Portrait of Archibald C. Barrow and Sister Anna Elizabeth Barrow 732
291 Francis C. Jones (American, 1857-1932), Music 19,520
292 Aurelio Zingoni (Italian 1853-1922) Unsold
293 Sebastiano Novelli (Italian 1853-1916), A Parade 600
294 Hermann Ottomar Herzog (Germany/ American, 1832-1932), Going Fishing at the Old Mill 3,965
295 Attributed to George Morland (British, 1763-1804), Pigs at Play 0
296 E. Del Santa (Italian, late 19th/early 20th c.)Son Contenta, Marble Sculpture of Girl with Doll Unsold
297 Henry Schouten (Belgian, 1864-1927), Cows Grazing 2,440
298 Wilhelm Bartsch (Dutch, 1871-1953), The Ships at Dock Unsold
299 Eugène Lanceray / Evgeny Lansere (Russian, 1848-1887), Returning From Harvest Unsold
300 Eugène Lanceray / Evgeny Lansere (Russian, 1848-1887), After the Battle 11,000
301 A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE BURNING BUSHMadonna and Child centered in a decorative tablet, bordered by scripture and allegorical sce… Unsold
302 Horacio Renteria Rocha (Mexican 1912-1972)Two Portraits, Girl Catching Butterflies and Girl with Her Dog 6,100
303 Yvonne Canu (French, 1921-2008), Flower Gatherers Unsold
304 Horacio Renteria Rocha (Mexican 1912-1972), Young Girl with a Cat 3,050
305 Ilya Efimovich Repin (Russian, 1844-1930), St. Petersburg 5,938
306 Horacio Renteria Rocha (Mexican 1912-1972)Two Portraits, Boy with a Tin Horn and Girl in a Kitchen 6,100
307 Masonic Ritual Skull with Hinged, Silver and Ivory Mounted 6,100
308 Morris & Willmore Columbian Art Pottery, Green Toby Jug of President William McKinley as Napolean Bonaparte 610
309 Five Soft Paste Decorated Plates 2,562
310 Two Tea Caddies and a Vertical Hinge Covered Box 336
311 An Assorted Group of Dutch Tin Glazed Earthenware 488
312 Three 19th Century English Soft Paste Toby Jugs, including one with lid 7,320
313 An Assorted Group of Nineteen Faience Table items including Armorial Decorated Examples 366
314 Sgraffito Charger Depicting Lady with Basket, Dated 1777 813
315 Two Dutch Tin-Glazed Earthenware Figural Groups 244
316 Tin-Glazed (Delft) Earthenware Coffeepot with Monkey Handle and a Delft Dijon Group of a Boy with Cow 125
317 Two Continental Porcelain Figurines 549
318 A Pair of Tall Japanese Imari Vases and an Chinese Export Porcelain Sacred Bird and Butterfly Beaker Vase 2,440
319 Chinese Export Porcelain Teapot with the Arms of New York and Assorted Chinese Export Porcelain 976
320 Pair of Covered Famille-Rose Chinese Porcelain Peach Vases, (Tianqiuping) Qing Dynasty, 19th Century 2,440
321 An Assorted Group of Japanese and Other Ceramics 549
322 A group of Four (4) 19th Century English Staffordshire Figures 500
323 An Assorted Group of Fourteen Ceramic Pieces 438
324 Ormolu Mounted Hinge Covered Box and a Reticulated Covered Box 427
325 An Assorted Group Of Thirteen Snuff Boxes and A Native American Covered Basket 854
326 A Group Of Ten Silhouettes 1,220
327 Four Painted and Paper-Cut Silhouettes of Gentlemen and Three Pair of Eglomise Silhouettes 1,250
328 Four Silhouettes 1,250
329 Seven American and English Paper-Cut Portrait Silhouettes of Men and Women 750
330 Pasteboard Band Box Decorated with Squirrels and Foliage 671
331 William IV Circular Rosewood Stand with Micmac Quill Panel 3,050
332 Four Paper-Cut Silhouettes of Gentlemen 1,500
333 Three Japonism Mixed Metal pieces 688
334 Japonism Enamel and Gold Painted Metal Cloissone Compote with Gilt Metal Base and a Blue Cloisonne Plate 1,159
335 Amelie Casini, Threading the Needle, Old Woman on Stool 1,952
336 Federal Mahogany Veneered and Cherry Wood Inlaid Sewing Stand with Two Drawers 305
337 William and Mary Circular Tavern Table with Old Red Wash 4,270
338 Two Grain Painted Pine Hanging Wall Cupboards 750
339 Chippendale Mahogany Kettle Stand with Pierced Fret- Work Gallery 438
340 American School, Winter Scene with Figures and Oxen Pulling Sled 688
341 Cast Iron Toy of Oxen Pulling Log-wagon with man seated 610
342 Sturditoy Trucking Company Painted Tin Dumptruck 427
343 An Assorted Group of Cast Iron Banks and Toys 976
344 Two Cast Iron Banks 305
345 Group of Three Cast Iron Figures 438
346 Painted Panel From Carnival Wagon With Knight and Lion 1,159
347 Black Forest Carved Bench with Two Bears 2,745
348 Three Pair of Fine Painted and Paper-Cut Silhouettes of Men and Women Unsold
349 Eight Silhouettes, American and English, late 18th and early 19th Century Unsold
350 Five Silhouettes 1,342
351 Eight English Painted and Paper-Cut Fancifully Dressed Silhouettes of Women and Men Unsold
352 Black Forest Log Shaped Box with Lid and Bear Finial 313
353 Childs Carved Black Forest Walnut Bear Chair 854
354 Two Japanese Paintings, Branch with Blossoms 122
355 American School, Portrait of a Lady in Black with White Collar 549
356 A Group Of Four Paintings Unsold
357 Flemish Baroque Engraved Ivory Mounted Ebonized Cabinet 5,490
358 An Assorted Group of American Items 610
359 Caucasian Prayer Rug Unsold
360 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scotts and Joan of Arc 5,490
361 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Isabella Queen of Spain and a Pope1/4 in; overall 12 in. Continental, late 19th century 3,660
362 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Philippine Welser Continental, late 19th century 2,745
363 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of a Barristers Wife 1,875
364 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine Contintental, late 19th century 4,880
365 Dieppe Jewel-Mounted Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Moses and A Dieppe Jewel-Mounted Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of an Italian N… 8,540
366 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Queen Elizabeth I and a Bishop Continental, late 19th century 3,355
367 Two Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptychs 4,270
368 Hand Painted and Gilt Meissen Charger 563
369 English or Irish Georgian Tilt-Top Tea Table 976
370 Group of Nine Phototypes of Native Americans 366
371 Regency Mahogany Library Steps Fitted with Commode 549
372 Regency Mahogany Library Steps with Applied Decoration in Diamond Pattern and Reeding 610