Prices are inclusive of Buyer’s Premium and may be subject to change.  Prices are shown in US Dollars.

Lot Description Price
1 Two Pearlware Plates and One Pearlware Pitcher English, circa 1810 833
2 Two Mochaware Pepper Pots and One Pearlware Pepper Pot English, early 19th century 1,428
3 Mochaware Mug English, circa 1820 1,428
4 Two Mochaware Quart Mugs English, first half 19th century 714
5 Group of Pearlware and Mochaware Tablewares English, early 19th century 595
6 Mochaware Mug with Seaweed Pattern English, circa 1825 3,808
7 Blue Floral Decorated Pearlware Mug English, circa 1835 122
8 Set of Four Polychrome Decorated Pearlware Plates English, circa 1835 119
9 Three Pearlware Items and One Spongeware Creamer English, first half 19th century 60
10 Set of Six Sponge Spatterware Plates with Adams Rose Pattern English, circa 1835 417
11 Pink and Grey Shell Seaweed Pattern Etruscan Majolica Tobacco Humidor made by Griffin Smith & Hall, Phoenixville, PA , 19th century 476
12 Stick-Spatter and Transfer-Print Decorated Pearlware Charger English, first half 19th century 833
13 Group of Ten Painted Toleware Items American, late 19th/early 20th century 595
14 Red Painted and Blue Decorated Toleware Tray Hershey, Pennsylvania, early 19th century 6,545
15 Group of Four Painted and Polychrome Decorated Toleware Items American, early 19th century 714
16 Small White Painted and Polychrome Decorated Toleware Box Maine, circa 1840 476
17 Black Painted and Polychrome Decorated Toleware Coffee Pot Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 2,856
18 Bennington Cow Figure Cream Jug and Toby Creamer Vermont, mid 19th century 476
19 Glazed Earthenware Harvest Jug with applied Classical Decoration 244
20 Glazed Redware Puzzle Cup 833
21 Three-Color Slip Glazed Redware Covered Sugar Bowl 3,570
22 Two Manganese Decorated Redware Jars 1,190
23 Glazed Redware Coggled Jar with Lid 595
24 Miniature Glazed Redware Pitcher and Bowl John Bell (1800-1880), Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 3,332
25 Four Shenandoah Glazed Redware Items Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, first half 19th century 3,570
26 Manganese Decorated Redware Covered Sugar Bowl possibly by Anthony Baecher, Adams County, Pennsylvania, circa 1845 2,618
27 Three Glazed Redware Jugs Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 833
28 Manganese Decorated Redware Ovoid Jug Pennsylvania, circa 1800 1,190
29 Four Manganese Decorated Redware Pie Plates Pennsylvania, 19th century 476
30 Group of Six Slip Decorated Redware Items Lester Breininger, Pennsylvania, circa 1970-75 357
31 Three Breininger Redware Items Lester Breininger, Robesonia, Pennsylvania, dated 1972 357
32 Seven Redware Items Pennsylvania 357
33 Six Miniature Redware Utensils and Four Glazed Redware Vessels Mostly Adams County, Pennsylvania, 19th century 1,071
34 Miniature Manganese Decorated Glazed Redware Cream Jug and Covered Sugar Bowl Attributed to Solomon Miller (1852-1899), Adams County… 833
35 Three Glazed Redware Items Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 595
36 Four Miniature Glazed Redware Banded Jugs Possibly Solomon Miller (1852-1899), East Berlin, Adams County, Pennsylvania, late 19th ce… 833
37 Modeled Glazed Redware Squirrel Attributed to Jesiah Shorb, Hanover, Pennsylvania, 19th century 952
38 Fraktur Attributed to Henry Young (American, 1792-1861), Centre County, Pennsylvania, dated 1858 2,856
39 Taufschien Pennsylvania, dated 1840 1,666
40 Three Needlework Samplers 1,666
41 Painted and Decorated Box with Sliding Lid with Bird and Floral Motif mid 19th century 366
42 Painted and Decorated Dome Top Box Depicting Birds and Flowers Continental, early 19th century 595
43 Fraktur by Adam Wuertz (active 1813-36) Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania, dated 1836 4,284
44 One Cutwork Paper of Lovebirds, One Cutwork Paper of Flowers and One Fraktur Fragment American, 18th/ 19th century 238
45 Fraktur by Daniel Peterman (1797-1871) Manheim Twp., York County, Pennsylvania, dated 1844 3,808
46 American School, 19th century PATRIOTIC AMERICAN SHIP ONTARIO 1,785
47 Two Works on Paper, Small Needlework and Two Civil War Prints in Old Frames Pennsylvania, 19th century 238
48 English, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL 1,708
49 Five-Color Rainbow Spatterware Plate with Festoon Pattern English, circa 1835 8,330
50 Five-Color Rainbow Spatterware Mug English, circa 1835 2,380
51 Red Spatterware Plate with Peafowl Pattern English, circa 1835 833
52 Two-Color Rainbow Spatterware Covered Sugar Bowl with Adams Rose Pattern English, circa 1835 357
53 Mulberry Spatterware Plate with Dahlia Pattern English, circa 1835 357
54 Red Spatterware Plate with Tulip Pattern English, circa 1835 244
55 Three Pearlware Plates English, circa 1835 610
56 Blue Spatterware Cup and Saucer with Tulip Pattern English, circa 1835 238
57 Green Spatterware Plate with Red and Yellow Dots English, circa 1835 2,618
58 Red Spatterware Plate with Primrose Pattern English, circa 1835 119
59 Yellow Spatterware Pitcher with Blue Morning Glory Pattern English, circa 1835 1,904
60 Green Spatterware Pitcher with Blue Morning Glory Pattern English, circa 1835 595
61 Red and Blue Spatterware Plate with Bulls Eye Pattern English, circa 1835 2,618
62 Yellow Spatterware Plate with Blue Morning Glory Pattern English, circa 1835 1,428
63 Purple Spatterware Plate with Lily of the Valley Pattern English, circa 1835 Unsold
64 Red and Yellow Rainbow Spatterware Cup and Saucer English, circa 1835 476
65 Six Spatterware Articles English, circa 1835 595
66 Blue Spatterware Platter and Dish with Eagle and Shield Pattern English, circa 1835 476
67 Blue Spatterware Cup with Windmill Pattern English, circa 1835 357
68 Yellow Spatterware Covered Teapot with Cockscomb Pattern English, circa 1835 3,332
69 Bluesponge Spatterware Plate with Tri-Flower Pattern English, circa 1835 476
70 Grain-Painted Corner Cupboard Adams County, PA, mid 19th century 10,710
71 Chippendale Walnut Slant-Front Desk Pennsylvania, circa 1770 4,165
72 Federal Cherrywood Tall Chest East Berlin, Adams County, PA, circa 1825 2,975
73 Grain-Painted Pine Blanket Chest Lebanon County, PA, late 19th century 476
74 Grain-Painted Poplar Blanket Chest Spring Grove, York County, PA, circa 1885 476
75 Turned and Decorated Slat-Back Childs Chair probably Pennsylvania or New York, 19th century 714
76 Classical Painted and Turned Maple Bedstead American, 19th century 610
77 Carved and Painted Inlaid Dwarf Clock Case made by Sougher, the works marked “INGRAHAM CO.” Unsold
78 Brass Inlaid and Decorated Wrought Iron Fork Allentown, PA, dated 1786 3,808
79 Seven Wrought Iron Utensils Pennsylvania, late 18th/early 19th century 1,071
80 Nine Wrought Iron Utensils Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 1,309
81 Whimsical Wrought Iron Double Spatula and Fork stamped by John Westman, PA, dated 1823 2,856
82 Two Wrought Iron Thumb Latches Pennsylvania, late 18th/ early 19th century 833
83 Three Pewter Teapots American, first half 19th century 357
84 Pewter Tankard Samuel Hamlin (active 1801-56), Providence, Rhode Island 1,586
85 Early Pewter Chalice possibly American, circa 1830 Unsold
86 Four Miniature Tea Kettles and a Candlestick 19th century 1,428
87 Seven Miniature Tin Teapots circa 1850 357
88 Four Tin Candlemolds Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 714
89 Four Punchwork Tin and Glass Lanterns and Three Tin CandleLanterns American, mid 19th century 2,142
90 Polychrome-Decorated Chalkware Dog Figure Pennsylvania, circa 1840 714
91 Polychrome-Decorated Chalkware Match Holder late 19th century 119
92 Polychrome-Decorated Chalkware Seated Spaniel Figure Pennsylvania, first half19th century 244
93 Three Painted Bisque Naughty Figures Early 20th century 100
94 Composite Doll with Coral Necklace 366
95 Wax Head Doll with Brown Velvet Dress mid-19th century 244
96 Three Dolls 19th century 122
97 Two Topsy-Turvy Dolls American, 19th century 119
98 Five Assorted Stuffed Teddy Bears and a Stuffed Dog German, the dog probably Steiff 833
99 Two Wind-Up Mechanical Bears and One Stuffed Bird Toy 60
100 Three Stuffed Animals possibly Steiff, German 60
101 Three Stuffed and One Papier-Mache Santa Claus Figures German, late 19th/ early 20th century 595
102 One Stuffed Toy Cat with Red Ribbon and One Stuffed Toy Rabbit early to mid 20th century 60
103 Three Papier Mache Candy Containers German, late 19th/ early 20th century 595
104 Four Toy Animal Figures late 19th/ early 20th century 60
105 Six Small Toy Animals 119
106 Three Rabbit Papier-Mache Candy Containers German, circa 1890 357
107 Three Toy Monkeys and One Mechanical Mouse early 20th century 238
108 Two Rabbit Composition Figures German, 19th century 238
109 “Good Girl” and “Good Boy” Painted and Stenciled Wooden Buckets with Swing Handles American, 19th century 1,309
110 Ten Miniature Painted Cast-Iron Animal Figures American, 20th century 119
111 Carved and Painted Segmented Wood Toy Snakes German, 20th century 298
112 Four Squeak Toy Animals 357
113 Six Miniature Red Toleware Kitchen Utensils American, 19th century 238
114 Thirteen Pressed Tin Plates 595
115 Eleven Animal Figures 19th century 179
116 Carved Fruitwood Cane Dover, PA, circa 1880 2,618
117 Three Carved Canes American, 19th century 1,190
118 Polychrome-Painted and Decorated Patriotic Cash Box probably York County area, PA, dated 1880 417
119 Painted Tin Rooster Weathervane possibly Gettysbury area, PA, late 19th/ early 20th century 476
120 Otter Effigy Ladle Eastern Woodlands (likely Iroquois), first half 19th century 9,520
121 Carved and Decorated Power Horn Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 2,023
122 Red-Painted Pine Pipe Box with Drawer probably American, early 18th century 952
123 Seven Wooden Sliding Candle Boxes American, first half 19th century 1,309
124 Three Miniature Painted Boxes American, circa 1880 476
125 Three Grain-Painted Boxes American, mid 19th century 1,131
126 Four Painted Cutlery Boxes American, 19th century 1,071
127 Chippendale Poplar Cutlery Box Probably Pennsylvania, late 18th/ early 19th century 595
128 Tiger Maple and Pewter Coffee Grinder Adam Pritz, Hanover, PA, dated 1830 1,547
129 Three Cherrywood Coffee Grinders Pennsylvania, late 19th century 476
130 Four Carved, Painted and Upholstery Lined Boxes Hanover, York County, PA, 20th century 1,012
131 Carved, Painted and Upholstery Lined Box Hanover, York County, PA, 20th century 595
132 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Pitcher Virginia or Maryland, circa 1835 2,074
133 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Jug Williamsport, PA, mid-19th century 2,618
134 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Crock York County, PA, circa 1870 3,332
135 Seven Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed VesselsStoneware Vessels Baltimore, Maryland, 19th century 1,309
136 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Two-Gallon Salt-Glazed Stoneware Jug Cortland, New York, mid 19th century 488
137 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Pitcher Baltimore, circa 1835 2,023
138 Four Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-GlazedStoneware Vessels Pennsylvania, mid 19th century 417
139 Seven Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-GlazedStoneware Vessels Pennsylvania, second half 19th century 774
140 Three Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-GlazedStoneware Vessels American, mid 19th century 2,023
141 Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Pitcher Pennsylvania, mid 19th century 976
142 Three Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-GlazedStoneware Vessels Pennsylvania, mid 19th century 1,666
143 Rare Rye Sewing Basket with Painted Turned Wood Bottom Pennsylvania, probably Mennonite, circa 1860 1,309
144 Two Rye Straw Baskets Pennsylvania, probably Adams County, late 19th century 238
145 Eight Miniature Woven Baskets late 19th/ early 20th century 536
146 Three Baskets American, late 19th/ early 20th century 119
147 Seven Rye Straw Baskets Pennsylvania, late 19th/ early 20th century 238
148 Three Amber Glass Flasks and One Aqua Blue Eagle Pint Glass American, 19th century 3,273
149 Two Burl Snuff Boxes American 417
150 Six Glazed Redware Jars Pennsylvania, 19th century East Berlin, Adams County, Pennsylvania, late 19th century 714
151 Two Slip-Decorated Yellow Glazed Redware Creamers possibly Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, 19th century 61
152 Molded Redware Dog Door Stop possibly Jefferson, Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 417
153 Six Manganese-Decorated Glazed Redware Molds Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 119
154 Rare Manganese-Decorated Glazed Redware Figural Jug American, possibly Virginia, circa 1880 8,330
155 Twelve Glazed Redware Items Pennsylvania, mid 19th century 238
156 Six Glazed Redware Vessels American, 19th century 238
157 Five Glazed Redware Vessels American, first half 19th century 357
158 Yellow Slip and Manganese-Decorated Redware Pie Plate Pennsylvania, 19th century 305
159 Glazed Redware Pitcher attributed to Jacob Adam, New Market, Virginia, circa 1815-22 833
160 Two Polychrome-Painted and Decorated Covered Treen Apothecary Urns probably Lancaster, PA, 19th century 5,950
161 Small Painted and Decorated Trinket Box attributed to Jonas or Jacob Weber (American, 1772-1865)attributed to Jonas or Jacob Weber (… 7,735
162 Five Painted Ribbon Boxes American, 19th century 357
163 Small Floral Wallpaper Box and Two Paper-Covered Boxes American, circa 1830 1,071
164 Painted and Decorated Pine Box late 19th/early 20th century 1,071
165 Hanging Heart Shaped Cut-Out Walnut Salt and Spice Box probably Adams County, PA, late 18th century 952
166 Two Pearlware Plates with Cabbage Rose Pattern English, circa 1835 238
167 Five Pearlware Plates English, circa 1825 238
168 Four Spatterware Plates with Festoon Pattern English, circa 1835 179
169 Four Childs Mugs English, circa 1835 238
170 Three Polychrome-Decorated Pearlware Wares English, circa 1810-1835 1,785
171 Floral and Polychrome-Decorated Pearlware Covered Teapot, Covered Sugar and Cream Jug English, circa 1825 476
172 Three Pearlware Plates and One Octagonal Creamware Plate English, late 18th/ early 19th century 60
173 Three Stick-Spatter Chargers English, circa 1835 357
174 Polychrome-Decorated Pearlware Toby Mug in the manner of Ralph Wood, English, early 19th century 1,428
175 Stitchwork Bag probably Pennsylvania, 19th century 179
176 Overall Star Patchwork Quilt Pennsylvania, mid 19th century 536
177 Green and Pink Princess Feather Applique Quilt Pennsylvania, first quarter 19th century 610
178 North Carolina Brown and Blue Tulip Quilt American, 19th century 366
179 Hand-Hammered Copper Eagle American, 19th century Unsold
179A Painted Sled American, 19th century 119
180 Three Carved and Painted Figures of Birds American, 19th century 476
181 Tramp Art Carved Wood Box with Horse and Star Decoration American, 19th century 1,666
182 Polychrome-Painted and Carved Bird Tree American, circa 1960 366
183 Stained-Wood Apple Box, Splint-Woven Basket, Treen Hair Reciver and Mennonite “Make-Do” Bowl American, 19th century 238
184 Two Sets of Floral Painted Pearlware Cups and Saucers English, first half 19th century 179
185 Five Gaudy Dutch Ceramic Table Articles early 19th century 833
186 Two Glazed Redware Fish Molds and One Glazed Redware Bird Feeder Pennsylvania, 19th century 238
187 Four Miniature Glazed Redware Cups Pennsylvania, circa 1830 298
188 Four Miniature Glazed Redware Vessels Pennsylvania, circa 1820-1845 476
189 Four Glazed Redware Items Pennsylvania, circa 1830-50 476
189A Two Partial Yellow-Glazed Redware Vessels tallest: h. 8 1/2 in. possibly Scofield, Pennsylvania 476
190 Slip-Decorated Glazed Redware Charger Pennsylvania, circa 1820-1830. (image also shows lot 192) 732
191 Slip-Decorated Glazed Redware Platter Pennsylvania, first half 19th century 1,190
192 Pair of Slip-Decorated Redware Plates probably Christian Schutter (1825-1900) Bucks County, PA, 19th century, (photographed with l… 476
193 Sgraffito-Decorated Redware Barbers Bowl probably Pennsylvania, inscribed “1787” 732
194 Grain-Painted Tramp Art Plant Stand American, late 19th/early 20th century 1,071
195 Carved and Decorated Wood Figure of a Spaniel American, late 19th/early 20th century 833
196 Painted Chalkware Figure of a Squirrel and TwoPapier-Mache Candy Containers Pennsylvania, mid-19th century 732
197 First Edition Copy of The Shoo-Fly Pie signed and dated by author Arthur Mildred Jordan, 1944 357
198 Fraktur Depicting Two Women with Love Birds 19th century 476
199 Polychrome-Painted Toleware Coffee Pot Pennsylvania, 19th century 1,071
200 Woolwork Picture of a Buck in a Wooded Landscape American, circa 1900 357
201 English School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A CHILD IN A RED DRESS WITH A DOG 488
202 Slightly Irridescent Green Glass Bottle and an Unusual Irridescent Manganese-Glazed CylindricalPottery Vase American, 19th century 238
203 Fulper Flambe-Glazed Three-Handled Pottery Vase New Jersey, circa 1900 476
204 Fraktur Berks County, Pennsylvania, dated 1796 714
205 Unusual Patinated Iron Policeman Whirlygig probably American, early 20th century 595
206 Red-Painted and Turned Windsor Armchair probably Pennsylvania, late 18th century 1,071
207 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Crock D.P. Shenfelder, Reading, PA, mid-19th century 357
208 Cobalt Blue-Decorated Salt-Glazed Stoneware Jug Cowden and Wilcox, Harrisburg, Pennsylvlania, circa 1840 1,904
209 Slip-Decorated Redware Plate Pennsylvania, circa 1830 714
210 Small Slip-Decorated Redware Plate Pennsylvania, circa 1830 952
211 Small Slip-Decorated Redware Plate Pennsylvania, circa 1830 536
212 Fraktur with Family Register Montgomery County, PA, dated 1807 Unsold
213 Cutwork Paper Image of a Peacock and a Paper Cut-Out FrakturBirth Certificate both probably Pennsylvania, 19th century 488
214 Nine United States Two-and-a-Half Dollar Gold Coins 3,273
215 Twenty United States Five Dollar Gold Coins 7,438
216 Twenty United States Five Dollar Gold Coins 7,438
217 Twenty United States Five Dollar Gold Coins 7,438
218 Nine United States Five Dollar Gold Coins and OneTen Dollar Gold Coin 4,463
219 1924 United States Twenty Dollar Gold Coin 1,830
220 Ten Uncirculated Carson City Silver Dollar Coins 2,380
221 Cartier Gold Pen 488
222 Three 14kt Yellow Gold Tiffany & Co. Items each stamped Tiffany & Co., 20th century 5,355
223 Diamond Pin in a Flower Design Mounted in Platinum 20th century Unsold
224 Pair of Earrings in a Flower Design Mounted in 14kt White Gold 20th century Unsold
225 Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring Mounted in Platinum 20th century 16,660
226 Diamond and Platinum Bracelet Mounted in Platinum 20th century 32,130
227 Cartier-Style Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet Set in Platinum 20th century 15,470
228 Pair of Diamond and Sapphire Clip Earrings Set in Platinum in a Swirl Design signed Cartier, 20th century 15,470
229 Set of Twelve American Silver and Mixed Metal Fruit Knives mark of Gorham MFG Co., Providence, Rhode Island, circa 1881 2,196
230 American Coin Silver Pitcher 3,355
231 American Sterling Silver Five-Piece Repousse Tea and Coffee Service Ryland & Rankin, Virginia, late 19th century 1,785
232 Two American Silver Teapots Fletcher and Gardiner, Philadelphia, 1835 -1845 1,830
233 Parcel-Gilt Silver Oval Box probably English, late 18th/ early 19th century Unsold
234 American Silver Creamer mark of Paul Revere Jr. (1734-1818), circa 1790 Unsold
235 Assembled American Silver Repousse Six-Piece Tea and Coffee Service S. Kirk & Son, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1846-61 or 1868-96 4,880
236 American Silver Cann Richard Humphreys (1749-1832), Philadelphia, circa 1775 4,522
237 Six Assorted Engraved Silver Apostle Spoons English, 16th-18th centuries 1,464
238 George III Silver Teapot possibly John Emes, London, 1801-02 610
239 Queen Anne Style Silver Coffee Pot partly of 18th century origin Please note that the description in the catalogue is incorrect 595
240 George I Silver Covered Tankard Wimans, London, circa 1704-1705 2,678
241 George I Octagonal Silver Tea Caddy John Farnell, London, 1717-18 1,428
242 American Silver Basting Spoon John Gibbs (1751-1797), Providence, Rhode Island, circa 1770-80 1,190
243 American Silver Cann Benjamin Burt (1729-1805), Boston, 1765-75 4,522
243A American Coin Silver Pitcher John B. Jones and Co., Boston, 1830-40 366
244 American Silver Porringer Joseph and Teunis Dubois, New York, circa 1790 1,309
245 Four American and Two English Silver Ladles 18th century 854
246 American Silver Cann Daniel Rogers (1735-1816), Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1760-1770 3,332
247 Two Silver Armorial Dishes Irish, 1699-1700 952
248 Pair of American Silver Rococo Butterboats Paul Revere, Jr., Boston, circa 1783 190,400
249 Chinese Export Porcelain Teapot Depicting the Great Seal of the United States Qianglong/Jiaqing, 1794-96 26,180
250 Chinese Export Porcelain Great Seal Teabowl and Saucer Depicting the Great Seal of the United States Qianglong/Jiaqing, 1794-96 19,040
251 Two Chinese Export Porcelain Tea Cups and One Shallow Bowl Depicting The Great Seal of The United States Qianglong/Jiaqing, 1794-96 11,900
252 Two Sets of Chinese Export Porcelain Teabowls and Saucers Depicting The Great Seal of The United States Qianglong/Jiaqing, 1794-96 9,520
253 Diminutive Chippendale Carved Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table attributed to John Goddard (1723/4 -1785), Newport, RI, circa 1765 35,700
254 Federal Inlaid and Veneered Mahogany Secretary Bookcase probably North Shore, Massachusetts, circa 1805 29,750
255 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Shelf Clock Daniel Munroe, Concord, Massachusetts, 1801-1808 35,700
256 Set of Six Federal Carved Mahogany Shield-Back Side Chairs possibly by John Carlisle, Providence, RI, late 18th century 9,520
257 Pair of Monogrammed Engraved Colorless Glass VasesMonogram American, possibly Pennsylvania , circa 1810-1830 10,710
258 Pair of Silver Butter Boats Thomas Hamersley (1727-1781), New York, circa 1760 3,570
259 The James Beekman Chippendale Carved Mahogany Chest of Drawers shop of Thomas Brookman carving attributed to Henry Hardcastle 1,428,000
260 Pair of Regency Carved Giltwood Two-Light Girondole Convex Mirrors Pair of Regency Carved Giltwood Two-Light Scottish, circa 1820 8,925
261 George III Dome-Top Inlaid Mahogany Cellarette 1780 – 1790 1,428
262 Queen-Anne Maple Rush-Seat Side Chair New York State, 18th century 952
263 Federal Carved Mahogany Arm Chair possibly shop of Slover & Taylor, circa 1790 3,172
264 Hepplewhite Fan-Inlaid Mahogany Demi-Lune Games Table circa 1790 2,380
265 Federal Light Wood-Inlaid Mahogany Tall Case Clock New York, circa 1790, with an English brass dial and movement Henry Thornton, Lon… 5,950
266 The Catherine Beekman Cox Figured and Carved Mahogany Chest-on-Chest with Secretary Drawer New York , Circa 1780 41,650
267 John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843) PORTRAIT OF JOSEPH TRUMBULL (1737-1778) 23,800
268 John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843) PENCIL SKETCH OF MAJOR GENERAL NATHANAEL GREENE (1742-1786) 29,750
269 John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843) STUDY FROM LIFE OF SAMUEL CHASE (1741-1811) 53,550
270 John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843) STUDY FROM LIFE OF GENERAL GLOVER (1732-1782) 89,250
271 St. John Honeywood (American, 1763-1798) THE BATTLES OF LEXINGTON AND CONCORD 53,550
272 Possibly by John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843) PORTRAIT OF GEORGE WASHINGTON Unsold
273 Discharge Document Signed by George Washington 5,950
275 Life Size Marble Bust of George Washington (1732-1799) possibly American, first half 19th century 7,140
276 Walnut Bust of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) probably Pennsylvania, 19th century Unsold
277 American School, first half 19th century scene depicting the BATTLE OF LEXINGTON Unsold
277A Herter Looms, The Battle of Harlem Heights, 1776, American, 1912, oil on canvas 6,000
278 George III Mahogany Tall Case Clock Edward Lowe, Chester, circa 1770 3,965
279 George III Mahogany Tall Case Clock William Newby, Kendall, circa 1770 5,950
280 Federal Inlaid and Veneered Mahogany Banjo Clock set with an eglomise panel, door reads WILLARD’S PATENT. 4,165
281 Chippendale Walnut Tall Case Clock J. Wiefs, Bethleham, third-quarter 18th century 2,380
282 Federal Mahogany Tall Case Clock Aaron Willard (American, 1744-1857) 26,180
284 Augustus Saint-Gaudens (Irish/American, 1848-1907) PORTRAIT OF CORNELIUS VANDERBILT’S TWO SONS 107,100
285 Thomas Doughty (American, 1793-1856) EVENING ON THE SCHUYLKILL 14,000
286 Alexander Phimister Proctor (American, 1860-1950) STALKING ( PROWLING) PANTHER BRONZE 21,420
287 Edmund William Greacen (American, 1877-1949) WINTER WOODS 9,520
288 Chippendale Reverse Serpentine Shield-Shape Mahogany Dressing Glass Boston, circa 1795 11,900
289 Queen Anne Walnut Square Tea Table with Drawer Southeastern Virginia or Roanoke River Basin, North Carolina, 1745 -1770 29,750
290 Large Virginia Needlework Sampler worked by Julia Hart, Richmond, VA, dated 1834 4,760
291 Federal Inlaid Walnut Slant-Front Desk found in Spartanburg, South Carolina, circa 1825-1850 Unsold
292 George Winter (English/American, 1809-1876) SPOTTED FAWN 595
293 American School, 19th century THE DRUNK Unsold
294 Chippendale Mahogany Dish-Top Bird-Cage Candlestand Philadelphia, circa 1780 1,785
295 American School, second half 19th Century UNCOMMON PORTRAIT OF ROBERT E. LEE IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES Unsold
296 Chippendale Figured Mahogany Stop-Fluted Pembroke Table Newport, Rhode Island, probably the shop of John Townsend, circa 1780-1790 30,940
297 Queen-Anne Figured Walnut Dressing Table Boston area, Massachusetts, circa 1750 Unsold
298 Queen Anne Highly Figured Mahogany Six-Leg Drop-Leaf Dining Table Boston, circa 1740-1760 Unsold
299 Chippendale Mahogany Drop-Leaf Dining Table Newport, Rhode Island, circa 1780 Unsold
300 Federal Mahogany Camel-back Sofa probably Massachusettts, circa 1785 2,380
301 Federal Inlaid Mahogany and Cherrywood Concave Serving Table with Dressing Slide probably Massachusetts, circa 1780-1800 4,165
302 Chippendale Carved Stop-Fluted Mahogany Side Chair Newport, Rhode Island, circa 1770-1790 1,785
303 Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Chairs Portsmouth, New Hampshire, circa 1760-1780 4,165
304 Queen Anne Walnut Dressing Table Pennsylvania, circa 1760 13,000
305 Federal Shell-Inlaid Parcel-Gilt Mahogany LookingGlass New York, circa 1795 2,678
305A Queen Anne Walnut Low Chair Boston, circa 1730s 5,950
306 Ormolu-Mounted Colorless Glass and Gilt-Metal Isis Lamp English, circa 1835 2,380
307 Pair of Classical Carved Mahogany Side Chairs Philadelphia, circa 1825 Unsold
308 Set of Eight Classical Style Mahogany Curule Armchairs after Duncan Phyfe, attributed to Ernest F. Hagen (1830-1913), circa 1870 19,040
309 Classical Carved Mahogany and Giltwood Marble-Top Gueridon probably from the shop of Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854) New York, circa 1816 Unsold
310 Classical Mahogany Childs Bedstead, Made by Duncan and James Duncan Phyfe MADE BY DUNCAN PHYFE (1768-1854) AND JAMES DUNCAN PHYFE… 21,420
311 Classical Brass-Mounted Mahogany Mirrored Dressing Chest of Drawers probably the workshop of Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854) 2,380
312 Classical Carved and Painted Giltwood and Brass-Inlaid Rosewood Games Table 23,800
313 The Farr-Tolman-Fayerweather-Winthrop Family Queen-Anne Parcel-Gilt and Inlaid-Mahogany Blockfront Desk Boston, circa 1745 38,675
314 Charles Wilson Knapp (American, 1823-1900) TRYST IN THE WOODS Unsold
315 Arthur Parton (American, 1842-1914) SCENE WITH BOATS Unsold
316 Jasper Francis Cropsey (American, 1823-1900) AUTUMN RIVER SCENE WITH CATTLE Unsold
317 John Linton Champan (American, 1839-1905) HARBOR SCENE 2,380
318 Gabriel Cornelius Ritter Von Max (German/Czech, 1840-1915) MARTYRDOM OF SAINT LUDMILA Unsold
319 American School, 19th century possibly by Junius Brutus Stearns (1810 -1885) WAITING 2,678
320 George Sloane (American, 1864-1942) EXPECTATION 2,975
321 Charles Webster Hawthorne (American, 1872-1930) Boston, Massachusetts MORNING CHOCOLATE 10,710
322 Winckworth Allan Gay (American, 1821-1910) JAPANESQUE STILL LIFE Unsold
323 Charles Sprague Pearce (American, 1851-1914) BOHEMIENNE Unsold
324 Charles Louis Baugniet (Belgian, 1814-1886) WINTERTIME Unsold
325 Arthur Parton (American, 1842-1914) SPRING BLOSSOMS Unsold
326 Arthur Parton (American, 1842-1914) WINTER LANDSCAPE Unsold
327 Arthur Parton (American, 1842-1914) RIVER SCENE 833
328 Gerhard A. L. Morgenst J. Munthe (Dutch, 1875-1927) Fisherman on the Beach 2,142
328A Ludwig Lanckow (German, 1845-1908) WINTER LANDSCAPE 595
329 Jasper Francis Cropsey (American, 1823-1900) RIVER VIEW, HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON Unsold
330 William Rickarby Miller (American, 1818-1893) COWS NEAR THE RIVER Unsold
331 In the manner of Victor De Grailly CROW NEST FROM BULL HILL HUDSON RIVER Unsold
332 In the manner of Victor De Grailly SYBILS CAVE TIVOLE Unsold
332A After Nicolaes Berchem (Dutch, 1620-1683) early 18th century LANDSCAPE WITH COWS Unsold
333 Henry Suydam (American, 1802-1883) A GENTLEMANS FARM ON THE RIVER Unsold
334 Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1913) VIEW OF ITALY, with figures 7,320
335 European School, 19th century LANDSCAPE WITH COWS 549
336 Arthur Parton (American, 1842-1914) FALL LANDSCAPE 3,273
337 John Fabian Carlson (American, 1874-1945) IN SILENT FOREST Unsold
338 Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862-1951) TWO EGRETS 2,083
339 Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862-1951) SINGLE DUCK 1,785
340 Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862-1951) MAINE VIEW WITH CANOE 26,180
341 Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862-1951) PATH THROUGH THE SCRUB Unsold
342 American School, 19th century possibly by Ralph E. W. Earl(American, 1785-1838) LANDSCAPE Unsold
343 American School, 19th century Possibly by Ferdinand Richardt (Danish-American, 1819-1895) FIGURES CONVERSING AT MEETINGHOUSE Unsold
344 Alexander Helwig Wyant (American, 1836-1892) AUTUMN IN THE ADIRONDACKS 17,850
345 Dwight William Tryon (American, 1849-1925) BEACH SCENE WITH SHIPWRECK AND LIGHTHOUSE 19,040
346 Charles Partridge Adams (American, 1858-1942) COLORADO MOUNTAINS 1,220
347 Dwight William Tryon (American, 1849-1925) NOVEMBER 21,420
348 Henry-Joseph Harpignies (French, 1819-1916) BOULEVARD SAINT-GERMAINE 5,355
349 Leon Dabo (American, 1865-1960) FLEURS 14,875
350 Frederick Childe Hassam (American, 1859-1935) WINTERTIME IN NEW YORK Unsold
351 Georges Seurat (French, 1859-1891) PORTRAIT OF A CARDINAL circa 1876 – 1879 Unsold
352 Albrecht Durer (German, 1471-1528) FREDERICK THE WISE, ELECTOR OF SAXONY 1523 – 1524 1,190
353 Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919) Le CHAPEAU ÉPINGLÉ (PINNING THE HAT), circa 1894 833
354 Possibly by Sir William Hamilton R.A. (British, 1731-1803) ALBUM OF TWENTY-THREE WATERCOLORS Unsold
355 Attributed to William Strutt (British, 1825-1915) KING OF THE JUNGLE 774
356 American School, 19th century SIX HARBOR SCENES 714
357 James Brown American, dated 1852 TROLLING 26,775
358 Follower of Francois Boucher French School, 18th century VENUS AND CUPID Unsold
359 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) LA RONDE DE LA DE JEUNESSE, 1961 1,666
360 Pablo Picasso (Spanish 1881-1973) LE VIEUX ROI, 1959 1,098
361 Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) FEMME SUR UN CHAR ROMAIN ATTELÉ À UN CHEVAL ÀDEMI HUMAIN (from Séries 347) 3,868
362 Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) SPECTACLE DE GLADIATEURS (from Séries 347) 3,570
363 Marc Chagall (1887-1985) MOSES I, 1956 1,190
364 Gregory Constantine (American) Three Unique Artists License Plates: Christo, Steinberg and Morris Louis. 357
365 Henry Moore (British, 1898-1986) EIGHT RECLINING FIGURES 357
366 Alexander Calder (American, 1898-1976) SMALL VERTICAL 23,800
367 Jean Jules Louis Cavailles (French, 1901-1977) LA BUIRE NOIRE 9,520
368 Charles Sheeler (1883-1965) Photograph “Portrait of Mrs. Eugene Meyer” (Study for Brancusi Sculpture) 1,428
369 Margaret Bourke-White (American, 1904-1971) Photograph Otis Steel Mill, Cleveland 11,900
370 Man Ray (American, 1890 -1976) TURNING METAL, 1946 Unsold
371 Kurt Seligmann (Swiss/American, 1900-1962) MIGRANTS 35,700
372 William Rowe (American 1910-1955) TAXCO MARKET, MEXICO 854
373 John James Audubon and John Bachman The Quadrupeds of North America Unsold
374 Audubon, John JamesAudubon The Birds of America. New York: George R. Lockwood, Late Roe Lockwood & Son [ca. 1870-1871]The Birds of A… Unsold
375 Victor Dubreuil (active 1886-1900) STILL LIFE WITH MONEY PILE AND CHAMPAGNE 5,000
376 William Rimmer (English, 1816-1879) LIONS Unsold
377 Attributed to Allen Tucker (American, 1866-1939) LANDSCAPE 833
377A Robert Emmett Owen (American, 1878-1957) SUMMER DAY Unsold
378 Attributed to Jane Peterson (American, 1876-1965) HARBOR SCENE Unsold
379 Gastron Sebire (French, 1920-2001) BEACH SCENE 1,309
379A Edward B. Gay (American, 1837-1928) LANDSCAPE AT SUNSET Unsold
380 Laurence Sisson (American, b. 1928) LANDSCAPE 2,440
380A Venetian School, 19th century VIEW OF THE LAGOON WITH VENICE IN THE DISTANCE 357
381 Edward Deming (American, 1860-1942) CHILDREN OF THE LODGES 5,950
382 Carl Link (American, 1887-1968) VIEW OF LAKE GEORGE 595
383 Walter Stuempfig (American, 1914-1970) CHARON 1,785
384 Luc Osborne (1889-1968) DUCKS IN FLIGHT Unsold
385 Jayne Bellows Rock Hall, Maryland, (1954-) TWO LANDSCAPES 417
386 Charles Alexander LeSueur (French, 1778-1846) COLLECTION OF SIX WORKS ON PAPER OF A FARM, A BOAR and COWS circa 1822 833
387 American School, 19th century WINTER WOODSMAN SCENE 2,618
388 Jan Jacob Spohler (Dutch, 1811-1866) DUTCH LANDSCAPE 3,808
389 John Gadsby Chapman (American, 1808-1889) THE FOUNTAIN OF EGERIA Unsold
390 American School, late 19th century Twelve Works on Paper Unsold
391 Italian School SAINT JEROME IN THE DESERT 610
392 Italian School, 17th century CRUCIFIXION OF ST. ANDREW 26,180
393 Attributed to Walter Stuempfig Jr. (American, 1914-1970) MALE NUDE ACADEMY 1,464
394 Robert J. Phillips (American, 1946-) ROCHELLE CONVALESCING Unsold
395 Attributed to Harry Gottlieb (American, 1895-1993) MEXICO SCENE 238
396 American School, 20th century PORTRAIT OF A NUDE WOMAN 1,547
397 Attributed to Mrs. Moses B. Russell (Clarissa Peters) (American, 1809-1854) PORTRAIT OF TWO CHILDREN IN BLUE WITH ALPHABET BLOCKS 9,520
398 Attributed to Mrs. Moses B. Russell (Clarissa Peters) (American, 1809-1854) PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF GEORGE RUSSELL circa 1850 13,090
399 Portrait Miniature of a Boy with a Peach and a Book Irish School, circa 1800 476
400 Eight Portrait Miniatures European and American, late 18th and early 19th century 1,785
401 Nathaniel Hone the Elder, R.A. (Irish, 1718-1784) PAIR OF PORTRAIT MINIATURES 1,547
402 Portrait Miniature of a Gentleman POSSIBLY OF OLIVER ELLSWORTH HOSMER (1808-1879) 595
403 Portrait Miniature of a Boy with Whip American or English, circa 1835 714
404 Two Circular Silhouettes: A Gentleman and a Lady American, circa 1812 536
405 Pair of Framed Full-Figure Silhouettes of Boy and Girl American, Mid 19th century, in a scrolled banner and swag carved walnut frame… 833
406 English or American School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF GILBERT CHARLES STUART (1775-1828) 1,547
407 Pair of Silhouette Portraits: Mr. Sargent and Wife English, late 18th century Unsold
408 Portrait Miniature of Lady Forster English, 19th century 238
409 The Trowbridge Family Watercolor probably made by Cornelia Trowbridge (b. 1835), or Julia Trowbridge (b. 1837) New York, circa 1853 Unsold
410 Attributed to Ruth Whittier Shute and Dr. Samuel Addison Shute (1803-1836) CHILD WITH BLUE SHOES circa 1830-1835 4,046
411 Attributed to Joseph H. Davis (American, 1811-1865) DOUBLE PORTRAIT OF THE WORSTER SISTERS Unsold
413 Memento Mori, J. Warner probably English, circa 1810-1830 238
414 Pastel Portrait of Mary Anne WIlliams Noyes attributed to James Martin ( Active 1794-1798), circa 1798 11,900
415 The Mary Anne Wolcott Cherrywood High Chest of Drawers Connecticut, circa 1758 11,900
416 An Assorted Group of Silver utensils owned by the Wolcott and Noyes Families 18th and 19th century including a pair of Federal sugar… 1,012
417 Attributed to Asahel Lynde Powers (American, 1813-1843) possibly Vermont or Massachusetts, circa 1836 PORTRAIT OF ALICE ALGERS Unsold
418 American School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A BABY IN A RED DRESS HOLDING A PEACH 9,520
419 American School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF MARY ANNA TABB 1,464
420 American School, 19th century New Jersey, circa 1820 PAIR OF PASTEL PORTRAITS: HUSBAND AND WIFE 7,140
421 Attributed to Thomas Ware (American, 1803-1827) PORTRAIT OF THE DANA CHILDREN WITH PARROT 45,220
422 Attributed to the Gansevoort Limner (fl. c. 1730-45) Kingston, New York, circa 1743 PORTRAIT OF ANNA BRODHEAD OLIVER 1,118,600
423 William Edward Norton (American, 1843-1916) VIEW OF WESSAGUSSET BEACH, WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 3,332
424 Charles Henry Gifford (American, 1839-1904) SHIP OFF COAST Unsold
425 Bernard Finegan Gribble (British, 1873-1962) MEN IN ROWBOAT APPROACHING SHIP Unsold
426 Edward Moran (English-born American, 1829-1901) CATCHING LOBSTERS circa 1880 4,760
427 Attributed to Samuel Walters (American, 1811-1872) and/or his father Miles Walters (1774- 1849) BLACK BALL LINE EUROPE Unsold
428 Attributed to John Humphreys Johnston (American, 1857-1941) MARBLEHEAD HARBOR 2,380
429 Prior/Hamblin School, mid-19th century PORTRAIT OF A SLEEPING DOG ON A GREEN PILLOW 3,332
430 William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF A BOY AND GIRL 9,520
431 William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN: A SELF-PORTRAIT 47,600
432 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806- 1873) PORTRAIT OF A GIRL HOLDING FLOWERS 19,040
433 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF A MAN WITH BOOK 2,380
434 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF GIRL WITH DOLL 4,760
435 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF A MAN WITH A HORSE PIN 4,760
436 Attributed to Sturtevant J. Hamblin (American, 1817-1884) Boston, circa 1840 PAIR OF DOUBLE PORTRAITS 154,700
437 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF LADY WITH NECKLACE 2,261
438 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) BOY IN GREEN OUTFIT WITH WHIP 10,710
439 American Scool, Early 19th Century PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN oil on panel 1,037
440 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) HUSBAND AND WIFE WITH WHITE FLOWERS 9,520
441 Attributed to Sturtevant J. Hamblin (American, 1817-1884) PORTRAIT OF THREE BROWN FAMILY CHILDREN WITH BOAT, HOOP AND CAT 71,400
442 Attributed to Prior/Hamblin School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A CHILD IN A WHITE DRESS 3,660
443 American School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A BABY SEATED IN A YELLOW FANCY CHAIR Unsold
444 William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PAIR OF PORTRAITS: BROWN PARENTS 4,284
445 Prior/Hamblin School, 19th century PAIR OF PORTRAITS: GEORGE AND MARTHA WASHINGTON 3,570
446 Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) New England, circa 1830-50 PAIR OF PORTRAITS: BROTHER AND SISTER IN RED DR… 35,700
446A Attributed to William Matthew Prior (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF A BOY IN RED PLAID WITH WHIP 19,635
447 Attributed to Joseph Goodhue Chandler (American, 1813-1884) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG BOY WITH HIS DOG 3,808
448 Attributed to Thomas Chambers (American, 1808-1869) RUINS AND GRAVEYARD 1,785
449 American School, 19th centuy LANDSCAPE WITH RIVER 488
450 American School, 19th century WHALING SCENE 3,808
451 Edmond C. Coates (American, 1816-1871) CLASSICAL SCENE 893
452 Attributed to Thomas Chambers (American, 1808-1869) BRITISH SHIP IN HARBOR 10,710
453 Attributed to Thomas Chambers (American, 1808-1869) SHIP IN STORM 10,115
454 Erastus Salisbury Field (American, 1805-1900) EMBARKATION OF THE ULYSSES circa 1842-1850 13,090
455 Attributed to Thomas Chambers (American, 1808-1869) CASTLE RUINS circa 1840-50 1,904
456 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts THE AUCTION 17,850
457 Nantucket Lightship basket with the label of Davis Hall (1828- 1925) 2,618
458 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) BALLOONS OVER BOSTON circa 1965 89,250
459 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts COUPLE WITH CANOPY AND SPOUTING WHALE 8,925
460 Nantucket Friendship Basket with Seagull Decoration Jose Formosa Reyes (American, 1908-1980) 2,618
461 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts MARRIAGE 20,230
462 Nest of Eight Nantucket Baskets R. Folger Nantucket, Massachusetts, circa 1880 101,150
463 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts MERMAID WITH SAILOR AND DOG AT SANKATY HEAD LIGHTHOUSE 16,660
464 Carved and Painted Diorama of the Ship Susan 19th century 1,012
465 Four Nantucket Baskets American , late 19th / early 20th century 1,666
465A American Primitive School, 19th Century NANTUCKET WHALING SCENE 774
466 Thomas H. Willis (American, 1850-1925) PORTRAIT OF A SHIP 1,131
467 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts SUSANS TOOTH 20,230
468 American School, 19th century MARINE SCENE 833
469 Nantucket Lightship Basket American, second half 19th century Unsold
470 Four Nantucket Baskets 20th century 1,190
471 Two Nantucket Lightship Baskets 19th century 774
472 An Oval Lightship and a Mailbox Nantucket basket The oval example, 19th century; the mailbox first half 20th century 417
473 Painted Coffee Table Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) 5,712
474 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Painted Dry Sink 5,856
475 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts MERMAID WITH ARTIST 12,200
476 Nantucket LIghtship Basket 19th century 16,660
477 Ralph Eugene Cahoon, Jr. (American, 1910-1982) Cotuit, Massachusetts, circa 1950 SAILOR HOLDING CAPE COD PAINTING WITH MERMAID AND G… 16,660
480 Bone Figural Whistle with Silver Belt and Ring for Lanyard American, second quarter 19th century 3,808
481 UNCOMMON PAIR OF SCRIMSHAW KNITTING NEEDLES mid-nineteenth century 1,309
483 Exceptional Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth second quarter 19th century 1,904
484 Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth with Decoration of Fashion Plate Ladies on Both Sides mid 19th century 1,547
485 Pair of Polychrome Scrimshaw Whalebone Teeth with Decoration of Fashion Plates of Ladies on Both Sides mid 19th century 1,904
486 Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth Depicting Religious Scene likely British, circa 1860s 357
487 Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth: Wreck of Fulton mid 19th century 1,220
488 Ceres Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth attributed to the Ceres Artisans of Wilimington, Delaware circa 1833-1837 10,370
490 Scrimshaw Abalone Ebony, Cherrywood and Rosewood-Inlaid Mahogany Small Chest Nantucket, late 19th century 10,413
491 Abalone and Ebony and Whale Bone-Inlaid Walnut Sailors Box 19th century 1,071
492 Scrimshaw Tooth Depicting a Seated Lady mid 19th century 833
493 Two Scrimshaw Whalebone Walking Sticks 19th century Unsold
494 Double-Ended Inlaid Whalebone Wood Pie Crimper and Fork mid 19th century 2,142
495 Whalebone and Baleen Serpent-Head Pie Crimper mid 19th century 536
496 Unusual Scrimshaw Pie Crimper mid 19th century 5,474
497 Polychrome-Painted Whalebone Swift circa 1840 1,904
498 Polychrome Scrimshaw Busk depiciting New Bedford Seamans Bethel, Hearts, and Urn 2,023
500 Polychrome Scrimshaw Whalebone Busk mid 19th century 1,309
501 CLIFFORD W. ASHLEY (American, 1881-1947) The Yankee Whaler Houghton Mifflin (Boston and New York: 1926) 595
502 Scrimshaw Eagle Head and Walrus Ivory Walking Stick 19th century 1,904
503 Scrimshaw Walking Stick 2,618
504 Unusual Confederate Ironclad Scrimshaw Whalebone Tooth c. 1860s 1,037
505 Two Scrimshaw Clenched Fist and Grasping Hand Walking Sticks 19th century Unsold
506 Unusual Scrimshaw Walking Stick mid 19th century Unsold
507 Scrimshaw and Mahogany Serpent Walking Stick mid 19th century 2,261
508 Carved Walebone Tooth Depicting Eagles Head early 20th century 976
509 Scrimshaw Tooth Depicting Lanced Whale and Mother Ship mid 19th century 1,342
510 Nantucket Basket with Whale Decoration Jose Formosa Reyes (American, 1908-1980) 2,856
511 Exceptionally Large Carved Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board Alaska or Artic Canada, circa 1890 – 1920 1,071
512 Miscellaneous Group of Scrimshaw and a Whaling Journal East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 19th / 20th century 5,236
513 Northwest Coast Foliate Embroidered Bear-Claw Cape late 19th century 952
514 Large Zia Polychrome Pottery Olla Ruby Panama, circa 1970 Unsold
515 Acoma Polychrome Pottery Seed Jar circa 1940 595
516 Three Northwest Coast Abolone-Inlaid and Carved Wood Ladles late 19th/ early 20th century 1,428
517 Burlwood Bowl American, probably 18th century Unsold
518 Large Iroquois Two-Handled Burlwood Bowl 18th century 23,800
519 Zuni Olla circa 1895- 1910 4,998
520 Large Burlwood Bowl with Carved Lug Handles New England, circa 1780-1800 8,330
521 Toy Pumper Fire Engine American, mid-19th century Unsold
522 Painted Copper and Iron Indian with Whiskey Barrel Weathervane American, late 19th century 1,830
523 Whimsical Polychrome-Painted Wooden Animal Carousel American, circa 1920 – 1930 Unsold
524 Brown Slip-Decorated Stoneware Grotesque Jug probably Ohio, late 19th century 5,950
525 Truth Shall Triumph Theorem American, second half 19th century 1,904
526 Rectangular Hooked Rug Ornamented with Cat and Floral Motif American, circa 1880-1900 3,570
527 Unusual American Needlework Sampler The Wheeler Homestead, 1849 Unsold
528 Large Figural Embroidery Probably Pennsylvania, dated 1876 7,140
529 Diminutive Scroll and Arrow Gilded Copper Weathervane probably New York, possibly E. G. Washburn & Co., late 19th Century 1,428
530 Carved and Polychrome-Painted Rooster Weathervane probably American, mid-19th century 8,330
531 Gilt Copper Running Horse Weathervane attributed to J. Howard and Company Massachusetts, second half 19th century 4,998
532 Molded Copper Cow Weathervane with Bell and Arrow American, 19th century 14,400
532A William Aiken Walker (American, 1839-1921) TWO SOUTHERN PLANTATION SCENES 16,660
533 Alligator Rocking Chair John George Osborn, Florida, circa 1900-1910 11,900
534 Seven Various Carved and Painted Fish Decoys American, first half 20th century 200
535 Ten Various Carved and Painted Fish Decoys American, first half of 20th century 610
536 Twelve Various Carved and Painted Fish Decoys American, first half of 20th century 519
537 Nine Painted Shorebird Decoys 1,342
538 Two Canada Geese Decoys 357
539 Four Painted Ducks 595
540 Pair of Painted Duck Decoys the smaller with attahed plaque on underside, The James Roberts Co. 179
541 Comb-Back Black Painted Windsor Chair Newport, Rhode Island circa 1760-1770 Unsold
542 Federal Inlaid Cherrywood Blanket Chest Kentucky, early 19th century Unsold
543 Carved and Polychrome Painted Stack of Books American, 19th century 2,023
544 Mahogany Knife Tray American, 19th century 458
544A George III Mahogany Pipe Tray with Handle English, 18th century 357
545 Painted Landscape Wall-Mounted Shelf American , 2nd Half 19th century 357
546 Victorian Staffordshire Figure of an Elephant on a Shaped Plinth with Gilt Lines circa 1840 2,023
547 Painted Tin and Mica Campaign Pole Lantern dated 1852 1,012
548 Double Sided-Painted Trade Sign early 20th century 427
549 Windsor Comb-Back Armchair Pennsylvania, fourth quarter 18th century 4,998
550 Green-Painted Continuous-Arm Windsor Chair New England, circa 1780 5,950
551 Federal Painted Maple and Pine Scroll-Top Two-Part Hackensack Cupboard New Jersey, early 19th century 6,545
552 Staffordshire Benjamin Franklin Figure circa 1830-50 833
553 Unusual American Leaf Molded American Flag Painted Porcelain Pitcher and Plate circa 1865 549
554 Carved and Painted Eagle with Shield and Two American Flags early 19th century 8,330
555 Pearlware Bowl Decorated with American Eagle English, circa 1835 833
555A Thomas Jefferson Folk Art Cane made by Thomas Jefferson Craddock, Virginia, circa 1890-1910 1,428
556 Circular Carved Walnut Plaque depicting Lady Liberty American, 19th century Unsold
557 George Stapf (1862-1958) Painted and Gilt-Carved Eagle American, late 19th/ early 20th century 4,880
558 Three Stamp Art Portraits American, circa 1930-40 2,142
559 Funeral Epaulet Depicting George Washington 2,142
560 Fraktur Daniel Kiefer, dated 1806 357
561 Needlework Sampler worked by Elizabeth Ball, dated 1800 Unsold
562 Pair of English Embroidered Needlework Samplers mid 19th century Unsold
563 Carved and Polychrome Painted Tramp Art Box Depicting Rabbit 655
564 Meyer Family Register Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1841-1846 Unsold
565 Yellow-Painted and Floral-Decorated Dome Top Box American, circa 1835 774
565A Small Blue Painted Dome Box 536
566 Needlework Sampler wrought by Lydia Rabbitts, Massachusetts, dated 1808 5,355
567 School Girl Map Rhode Island, dated 1821 793
568 Fraktur, The Sawyer Family Record likely from North Shore of Massachusetts, circa 1801-1855 Unsold
569 Reverse Painting on Glass Theorem Painting of a Garland American, 19th century 417
570 Fraktur, Fromann Family Pennsylvania, circa 1819 Unsold
571 Two Dutch Blue and White Chinoisiere Decorated Delft Chargers 18th century 714
572 Dutch Delft Polychromed and Blue and White Shallow Bowl 18th century 350
572A Polychromed Tin Glazed Earthenware Oval Platter Continental, 18th century 1,131
573 Rare Dutch Delft Blue and White Foliate Decorated Footed Siroop Pot circa 1690 – 1710 1,547
574 Tin Glazed Armorial Earthenware Plate and Two Tin Glazed Earthenware Landscape Decorated Bowls early 18th century 595
575 Tin Glazed Blue and White Chiniosiere Decorated Earthenware Tankard probably English, mid 18th century Unsold
576 Iron, Brass, and Copper Betty Lamp Berks County, Pennsylvania, circa 1830 2,975
577 Rare American Toleware Humidor Rhode Island, circa 1758 476
578 Maria Longworth Nichols Storer (American, 1849-1932) BRONZE VASE 2,975
579 Pair of Art Deco Metal Lamps American, circa 1930 5,795
580 American Gilt Bronze and Gold Iridescent Glass Floor Lamp Oscar Bruno Bach (1884-1957), circa 1920 2,380
581 A Pair of Queen Anne Silvered Metal Candlesticks and a Pair of English Silverplate Three Light Candelabra and 214
581A Large Group of Miscellaneous Silver Flatware and Silver Serving Items 19th/20th century 774
582 Cast Brass Door Knocker early 19th century 357
583 Silver Five Piece Tea Service and Tray Gorham, 20th century 1,904
584 Two Cartier Silver Martini Glasses, S. Kirk & Sons Repousse Silver Nut Dishes, A Silver Nut Dish, A Silver Bowl and Three Calder Sty… 366
585 Whimsical Wrought Iron Hook in the Form of a Bird American, 19th century 1,012
586 Two Pairs of Brass Candlesticks 19th century, with push-up mechanisms. 60
587 Large Brass Candlestick Franco/Flemish, mid 16th century 2,196
588 Set of Four American Eagle Pressed Brass Tiebacks probably English, circa 1820 536
589 Classical Gilt Stencilled and Painted Part Ebonized Mahogany Shelf Clock Chauncy and Boardman, Bristol, CT, circa 1845 244
590 Federal Mahogany Pillar and Scroll Shelf Clock with paper label Eli Terry, Connecticut, circa 1830 476
591 Violin with Yellow Pine Case Possibly Southern, 19th century 450
592 Fine and Unusual Inlaid Mahogany Fiddle Case probably American, late 18th / early 19th century 536
593 Drummer Boy Toy American, 19th century 417
594 Carved and Painted Pine Figure of a Soldier circa 1884 Unsold
595 Carved Wood Sculpture of a Boy 19th century Unsold
596 Southern Black Mammy Doll circa 1900-1905 976
597 Trick Dog and Clown Mechanical Bank American, Shepard Hardware, circa 1890 600
598 Three-Gallon Salt-Glazed Cobalt Blue Bird Decorated Stoneware Jug impressed Whites Utica/3, 19th century 305
599 Hannah Davis Paper Covered Wooden Band Box New Hampshire, circa 1829 1,012
600 Classical Part Ebonized and Giltwood Eglomise Mahogany Shelf Clock Connecticut, mid 19th century. 610
601 Mathias Wenzel Placht II (1765-1802), Violin makers label on interior Unsold
602 Late Classical Mahogany Wall Regulator with Pepetual Calandar probably Ithaca, New York, mid-19th century 774
603 English Painted Still Life Tole Tray possibly Ponty Pool, circa 1825 3,332
604 Pair of Chippendale Brass Andirons with Urn Finials probably American, late 18th century 976
605 Queen Anne Maple Side Chair Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1730 774
606 Chippendale Mahogany Tilt-Top Tea Table Massachusetts, circa 1775 536
607 Queen Anne Mahogany Drop Leaf Oval Table Massachusetts, circa 1760 714
608 Federal Fan Inlaid Maple Work Table Rhode Island or Connecticut, early 19th century retains an old desirable finish 1,190
609 Queen Anne Walnut Tilt-Top Tripod Birdcage CircularTea Table Pennsylvania circa 1760 Retains a desirable old finish 1,904
610 Chippendale Mahogany Roundabout Commode Arm Chair Rhode Island, circa 1780, with scrolled arms and a deep shaped skirt. Unsold
611 Queen Anne Walnut Upholstered Compass-Seat Side Chair Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1735-50 Unsold
611A Tiger Maple Game Table American, late 18th century 1,131
612 Pair of Federal Mahogany Shield Back Side Chairs Providence, Rhode Island, circa 1790-1800 3,808
613 Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs American or English, third quarter century Unsold
614 Late Federal Inlaid Mahogany Work Table Salem, Massachusetts, circa 1815 1,071
615 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Candlestand New England, circa 1790 1,131
616 Federal Mahogany Work Table Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1815 833
617 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Demi-Lune Card Table New York, circa 1780 – 1790 3,332
618 Federal Compass Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-Top Tripod Candlestand with Urn New England, circa 1800 893
619 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Drop-Leaf Breakfast Table New York, circa 1810 possibly from the shop of Duncan Phyfe 2,856
620 Queen Anne Walnut Balloon Seat Side Chair Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1760 2,618
621 Federal Inlaid and Eglomise Mounted Card Table probably Massachusetts, circa 1800 2,142
622 Queen Anne Maple Rush-Seat Side Chair Philadelphia, probably shop of William Savery (American, 1721-1787) 610
623 Chippendale Walnut Side Chair Philadelphia, circa 1775 2,261
624 Federal Bow-Front Upholstered Mahogany Lolling Chair Massachusetts, circa 1795 714
625 Pair of Painted and Gilt Stenciled Rush-Seat Fancy Side Chairs New England, circa 1820 298
626 Queen Anne Inlaid Walnut Chest of Drawers English 1,012
627 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Bow-front Chest of Drawers 1,071
628 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table New York, circa 1790 8,628
629 George II Carved Mahogany Tilt-Top Tripod Pie Crust Tea Table third quarter 18th century 3,570
630 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard Probably the Shop of Thomas Seymour, Salem Massachusetts, circa 1810 Unsold
631 Large Group of Miscellaneous Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Table Articles 1,309
632 Miscellaneous Group of Canton Blue and White Porcelain Table Items 19th/20th century 833
633 Pair of French Gilt and Painted Porcelain Vases 19th century 893
634 Floral Decorated Tea Bowl and Saucer English, circa 1800 298
635 Luster Decorated Creamware Pitcher English, 19th century 238
636 Five Gaudy Dutch Cups and Five Saucers English, 19th century 476
637 Two Enamel Decorated Creamware Pitchers English, late 18th century 2,142
638 English Pearlware Portrait Pitcher of Admiral Nelson and Captain Hardy first quarter 19th century 357
639 Creamware Covered Sauce Tureen, Stand and Ladle English, late 18th century 476
640 Eleven Painted and Parcel Gilt Porcelain Occupational Mugs English and American, 19th/20 century including railroad and sporting su… 2,023
641 Twelve Masonic and Furniture Trade Painted and Gilt Porcelain Occupational Mugs English and American, 19th/20th century. 1,547
642 Group of Painted and Gilt Porcelain Occuptional Mugs American, late 19th/early 20th century 1,190
643 Miscellaneous Group of English Ceramic Table Items 19th century 417
644 Group of Fourteen Chinese Export Porcelain Items 18th century 610
645 Three Canton Blue and White Porcelain Platters 19th century 549
646 Large Group of Canton Blue and White Porcelain Table Articles late 18th/19th century comprising: eight plates, six covered mustard… 1,428
647 Large Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Bowl 19th century 3,904
648 Chinese Export Porcelain Charger with the Arms of George Verney late 18th century 732
649 Two Engraved Glass Rummers 19th century 714
650 Claude S. Smith Fine Art and Antique Dealer Painted Shield Shaped Double-Sided Trade Sign early 20th century Unsold
651 Pair of French Painted Paper, Silver and Gilt Mounted Carved Ivory Fans 19th century 298
652 Carved, Painted and Gilt Wood Classically Clad Allegorical Figure possibly French-Canadian, 19th century 833
653 Large Japanese Polychrome and Gilt Earthenware Satsuma Vase Meji, circa 1890 -1910 with signed vignettes, varied banners and seals o… 3,094
654 Aesthetic Movement Gilt Bronze Armorial Clock and Candelabra Garniture possibly English, circa 1880 595
655 Japanese Gilt and Gessoed Lacquer Figure of a Buddha on a Lotus Base late 19th /early 20th century 893
656 Swiss Black Forest Carved Wood Standing Bear Umbrella Stand late 19th/early 20th century 1,785
657 Victorian Figural Trade Sign of a Sign Maker or Monument Carver mid 19th century 10,675
658 English Carved and Painted Figure of Scotsman 19th century 2,618
659 Victorian Figural Cast Iron Umbrella Stand English, probably Coalbrookdale, late 19th century Unsold
660 Monumental Black Forest Carved Walnut Mantle Clock third quarter 19th century 4,760
661 Painted and Parcel Gilt Mahogany Three Panel Folding Screen possibly English, second half 19th century 5,950
662 Louis XV Foliate-Carved Fruitwood Fauteuil en Cabriolet 595
663 Pair of Louis XV Foliate Carved Beechwood Fauteuils en Cabriolet third-quarter 18th century. 1,428
664 Louis XV Foliate Carved Painted Beechwood Leather-Upholstered Stool late 18th century 1,785
665 Louis XV Kingwood Parquetry Mechanical Writing Desk third-quarter 18th century 4,148
666 Louis XV Ormolu-Mounted Marble-Top Polychrome Painted Black Lacquer Coramandel Serpentine-Front Commode circa 1760 21,420
667 Louis XV Kingwood and Tulipwood Parquetry Bronze-Mounted Marble-Top Serpentine-Front Commode attributed to Pierre Roussel (French, 1… 6,100
668 Louis XVI Ormolu Mounted White Marble Two-Tiered Circular Temple DAmour Mantle Clock, last quarter 18th century, Festeau, Paris r… 8,330
669 George III Carved Mahogany Armchair in the French Taste circa 1775 1,488
670 Regence Serpentine-Shaped Foliate-Carved Oak Tabouret mid-18th century 1,464
671 Regence Painted Caned Metamorphic Armchair circa 1735 1,666
672 Carved and Gilt-Painted Neptune Sculpture Continental, 17th/18th century Unsold
673 George III Mahogany Stool third quarter 18th century 1,428
674 Pair of Adjustable Eastlake Style Walnut Piano Stools Louis Postawka, Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, circa 1880 595
675 George II Mahogany Side Chair circa 1760 714
676 Pair of George III Mahogany Side Chairs 18th century 3,965
677 William and Mary Style Baluster, Block and Ring -Turned Drop Leaf Walnut Table late 19th century 417
678 American Rococo Revival Laminated Rosewood Meridienne and Side Chair Attributed to John Henry Belter (American, 1804-1863) New York,… Unsold
679 Queen Anne Small Walnut Mirror English, 18th century 357
680 Regency Brass Inlaid Mahogany Lap Desk on Later Stand first half 19th century 298
681 Queen Anne Walnut Side chair Philadelphia, circa 1760 488
682 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-Top Tripod Oval Candlestand probably New Hampshire, circa 1810 298
683 Queen Anne Walnut Oval Drop-Leaf Table possibly Irish, circa 1740 610
684 George II Mahogany Rectangular Drop-Leaf Table mid 18th century 595
684A George III Mahogany Slant-Front Bureau Bookcase circa 1770 1,309
685 Pair of Shield-Shape Giltwood and Gesso Wire-Work Mirrors in the manner of Robert Adam Unsold
686 Chippendale Parcel Gilt Mahogany Mirror circa 1770 476
687 English Inlaid Mahogany Barometer/Thermometer D. Stampal, Edinburgh, early 19th century 417
688 Regency Inlaid Mahogany Trestle Sofa Table W. & T. Wilkinson, circa 1820 714
689 Late Classical Carved Rosewood Bedstead New York, circa 1840 Unsold
690 George III Inlaid Mahogany Shield-Shape Bow-Front Dressing Mirror circa 1800 238
691 George III Inlaid Mahogany Serpentine-Shaped Cutlery Box late 18th century 488
692 George III Thistle and Line Inlaid Mahogany Games Table probably Scottish, last quarter 18th century. 476
693 Queen Anne Walnut Small Upholstered Settee 244
694 Federal Style Light Wood Inlaid Mahogany Slant-Front Desk 238
696 John Ogilby (Scottish, 1600-1676) Africa, Being an Accurate Description… London, 1670 Unsold
697 TWO 17TH CENTURY VOLUMES including Histoire Naturelle et Morale Des Iles Antilles de LAmerique Roterdam, 1665 Unsold
698 TEN VOLUMES, including works by Boccaccio and Montesquieu 244
699 THREE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY ENGLISH VOLUMES including New and Universal History, Description and Survey of Cities of London and Westmin… 122
700 TWO TRAVEL ACCOUNTS, including Memoires de L’Amerique Septentrionale Ou La Suite Des Voyages de Mr. Le Baron de La Hontan, 1705 238
701 Dutch Java Book of Prints 2,856
702 Chinese School, 19th century HORSE and GROOM 238
702A Louis Henry Jean Charlot (French, 1898-1979) FOUR SKETCHES 488
703 Collection of Thirteen Kings Features Syndicate Comics Original Works of Art circa 1930 – 1958 Unsold
703A Signed Photograph to Frank Nict from William Randolph Hearst Unsold
704 Pair of Botanical Prints English or American, late 18th/early 19th century Unsold
705 Seven English Hand-Colored Engravings late 18th/early 19th century Unsold
706 William Hogarth (British, 1697-1764) Five Hand Colored Engravings from Marriage a la Mode Unsold
707 Continental School, 19th century MOUNTAIN SCAPE 122
708 A.A. Lawrence (American School, 19th century) YACHT IN RUFF SEAS 1,547
709 Shearman & Hart, U.S. Steam Gun Boat Cayuga Built by S. Gildersleeve & Son, mid-19th century 60
710 James McBey (British, 1883-1959) MOLO 366
711 American School, 19th century MEN IN BOATS WITH CASTLE IN BACKGROUND 595
712 Hudson River School, 19th Century RIVER SCENE WITH BOAT CALLED SARAH 183
713 Attributed to Susan C. Waters (American, 1823-1900) STRAWBERRIES WITH GRAZING SHEEP 3,868
714 English/Continental, late 18th/early 19th century ADAM NAMING THE ANIMALS 1,785
715 English School, 19th century HUNT PREPERATIONS AT BADMINTON HOUSE 2,618
716 English School, 19th century HUNTING SCENE 1,666
717 English School, 19th century COUNTRY ESTATE 1,190
718 Henry J. Kinnaird (British, 1880-1908) THAMES RIVER NEAR AINTRY 714
719 American School, 19th century PORTRAIT OF A CIVIL WAR OFFICER 1,428
720 American School, 19th century CHRIST AND JOHN ON THE BANKS OF THE JORDAN Unsold
721 American School, early 20th century STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT 476
722 American School, 19th century SCHOOL MASTER SCENE 595
723 Horace Hampton Walder probably New York, dated 1904 ADVERTISEMENT 476
724 American School, late 19th century FAMILY FUN 952
725 Dutch School, 19th century THE BANKERS Unsold
726 English School, first half 18th century PAIR OF PORTRAITS: A GENTLEMAN AND A LADY Unsold
727 American School, Three Portraits of Farrington family c. 1830-40 1,547
728 George III Jewel Mounted Silk Embroidered Needlework Mythological Picture early 19th century 357
729 American School, 19th century PAIR OF PORTRAITS: A LADY AND A GENTLEMAN 8,925
730 Dieppe Jewel-Mounted Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of an Italian Noblewoman Continental, late 19th century Unsold
731 Dieppe Jewel-Mounted Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Moses Continental, late 19th century Unsold
732 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine Contintental, late 19th century Unsold
733 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scotts and Joan of Arc Continental, late 19th century Unsold
734 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Queen Elizabeth I and a Bishop Continental, late 19th century Unsold
735 Dieppe Carved Ivory Figural Triptych of Isabella Queen of Spain and a Pope1/4 in; overall 12 in. Continental, late 19th century Unsold
736 Chinese Glazed Earthenware Figure of a Foreigner Tang Dynasty Together with a Chinese glazed earthenware figure of a seated monk. (… 595
737 Chinese Foliate Carved Soft Wood Low Table late 18th / early 19th century.decorated 427
738 Red and Blue Painted Blanket Chest American, 19th century 952
739 Persian Carpet late 19th/early 20th century 1,586
740 Two Caucaisian Bokhara Rugs 655
741 A Pair of Large Chinese Ching Dynasty Silk and Gilt Embroidered Panels from an Imperial Robe 19th century 9,760